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Suha A Mohammed

Energy and Renewable Energies Technology Center

Assistant Professor

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I graduated from University of Technology in 2005 and was awarded my B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering. In 2008, I completed the M.Sc. course in thermal engineering (solar energy)and was awarded M.Sc. degree from University of Technology. I received my Ph.D. certificate degree from University of Technology in 2020 the field of heat transfer. I am currently an assistant professor working at the Energy and renewable Energies Technology Centre – University of Technology as an academic researcher. My research area is heat transfer, fluid dynamics, flow boiling , microchannels, solar stills . My research achievements can be found in the following links:

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering (Thermal engineering),University of technology(Iraq), 2020

M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (Solar energy),University of Technology (Iraq), 2008

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (Air-conditioning),University of Technology (Iraq), 2005

heat transfer.
Fluid dynamics.
flow boiling.
solar still.

Suha A Mohammed, Gazy F. Al-Sumaily, Hayder Dhahad, Mark Thompson, (2021), “Heat Transfer Enhancement with Pressure Drop Optimisation in a Horizontal Porous Channel Locally Heated from Below”, Thermal Science and Engineering Progress, Vol.10 Article 101013.


electrical engineering .

Heat Transfer lab.

fluid lab.

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