Wind & Water Energy Department

About the Department:

This department deals with the following topics
1- Conduct research studies on the use of wind energy techniques in Iraq compared to traditional techniques.
2- Contribute to the processing and installation of wind power systems for all institutions of the State wishing
to do so in accordance with an agreed cooperation mechanism. 3- Conduct economic feasibility studies in the use of wind power systems for each region in the country compared
to other available technologies. 4- The establishment of induction courses for wind energy systems in terms of the possibility of use and economic
feasibility in the country in order to raise awareness of the knowledge of employees of all state institutions. 5- Conducting joint research for postgraduate students and projects of graduate students of the scientific
departments in Iraqi universities and institutes to study this type of energy technologies
6- The development of charts to distribute the level of wind power for each region in Iraq and contribute to the.
use of this data in the study of changes that occur as needed (Atlas Wind). 7- Conducting studies on the possibility of developing and adapting the available wind power systems and contributing
to the use of wind speed conditions in Iraq.


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