Center Projects

A complished investment projects that belong to the Ministry of higher education and scientific research

     No. Project name Team leader
  1 Reflected mirrors and its application in rural areas using solar cells for purifying drinking water Asst. Lect. Ayad Mohamed Salman
2 Electrical power system using 1000 W wind turbine Dr. Saad Tami Humaydi
3 Solar cell development to produce 5000 W electrical power Dr. Ali Hassan Abdul-Hadi
4 Experimental portable bag for Microprocessor training using it in universities and training institutions Asst. Lect. Waleed Khalid Ibrahim
5 Design and development a computer system for measuring temperature and wind direction and speed Dr. Fouad Shaker Taher

Signed consulting contracts with Ministry of Industry and Minerals

  • Manufacturing a turbine suitable for Iraqi environment, D. Jaafar Ali Khadim as consultant.

  • Manufacturing flashing solar concentrator, Dr. Ali Hadi as Consultant.


A acomplished prototype projects for Ministry of higher education and scientific research


Project name Team leader
1 Renewable energy center labs working with solar energy Asst. Prof. Ali Hadi Abdul-Munim
2 Improvement of Silicon solar cell operation using Rodamin G6 as coating florid Asst. Prof. Ali Hadi Abdul-Munim
3 Solar power investment in private transportation vehicles working by batteries Dr. Ali Hassan Abdul-Hadi
4 Analyze study to decrease the effect of dust on solar cells by using automatic water cleaning Asst. Prof. Kareem Khadim Jasim
5 using solar energy in treatment industrial water from some poising organic using piping reactor Asst. Prof. Mohamed Fadhil
6 Design solar cooking system using solar concentratur technique Dr. Qusay Abdul-Jabar Jawad
7 Investing study for solar energy in operating water cooling Asst. Prof. Abbass Zagayer Salman
8 Design and construction of water solar distillation work by steam circulation technique Dr. Jaafar Ali Khadim
9 Design and construction of battery (Deep cycle) specially for electrical power storage with specifications of 12V/60Ah Dr. Jaafar Ali Khadim

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