Energy Biofuels Energy Department

About the Department:

This departments concerned with the following:

1 - Conducting theoretical and applied research that deals with the techniques of using and processing crude oil
and improving specifications of oil derivatives and specifications of additives used for this purpose. 2 - Conducting theoretical research and application related to gas gas produced from domestic and industrial waste
of all kinds. 3 - conducting theoretical and applied research on fuel cell technologies and engineering applications. 4 - Conducting theoretical and applied research for non-oil, industrial and domestic liquid fuels of all kinds. 5 - Contribution to projects graduate students and the initial establishment of joint projects for applications of
chemical energy with the scientific departments interested in this subject.
6- Providing scientific consultations to solve the problems of fuel improvement in cooperation with the relevant state institutions. 7- Conducting theoretical and applied research on hydrogen cell technology and engineering applications.


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