PV Energy Department

About the Department:

This department deals with the following topics:
1- Conduct academic and applied research in the field of solar cell technology development. 2- Manufacturing experimental solar cells laboratory for research and study purposes. 3- Conduct research related to improving the performance and efficiency of conventional

solar cell systems. 4- Developing traditional systems by adding solar cell technologies to their basic
components, if possible, to the extent possible.
5- Conduct economic feasibility studies related to the use of solar energy systems in
comparison with the use of traditional systems in terms of cost and their contribution
to energy conservation.
6- Design and manufacture of different systems, which solar cell systems have an active
part in its work. 7- Design and manufacture of solar cell systems that are used in the training of engineering
and technical cadres and students and thus contribute to improving the awareness of knowledge
of this new field of knowledge. 8- Training courses in the field of solar cell systems to raise the employees of all state institutions. 9- Conducting studies to assess the performance of the efficiency of imported and locally
manufactured systems related to solar energy system technologies. 10- Contributing to the projects of graduate students through the establishment of joint
projects with the scientific departments in this area.

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