Vision and Objectives



  • Vision and Mission
    The overall vision of the center Green energy to become the main source of energy in the Republic of Iraq

  • Message :

1 - to remain a leading center in the field of renewable energy and its applications and to increase their effectiveness and rationalize consumption.
2 - promoting a culture of green communities nationwide.
3 - To support and promote applied scientific research in the fields of renewable energies.
4 - To support and promote the transfer and resettlement , development and use of renewable energy technology in all walks of life.
5 - seeking to communicate and collaborate with national and regional institutions and international that are consistent with the goals and directions of the center.
6 - Application orientations of the ministry and the university to support the economy and national development through commercialization of research and inventions to the public and private sectors and through the application of the idea of incubators in renewable energies.

  • The center aims

to contribute to the support of the scientific renaissance and development in the country through theoretical and applied research and studies in order to support the national economy and strengthen the scientific process . One of the objectives of the Center seeks to achieve are:

1. Conduct research in the field of renewable energy production included energy Alfotodoih and the solar thermal power and wind power.

2. Specialized research in the areas of solar energy investment .

.3. Conduct research for the development of the performance of solar cells and in different ways

4. Quest for development and transfer of scientific and technological knowledge and indigenization and support research .

5. Preparation of engineering designs for energy production projects and rationalize consumption .

6. Coordination with research centers and universities within and outside the country in the field of energy .

7. Conducting research and national projects to diagnose the reality of energy and renewable energy in the country and ways to develop it .

8. Provide technical advice and support to the various sectors of scientific public and private in the field of renewable energy and fuel.

9. Conduct specialized research in the fields of oil ( crude and its derivatives ).

10. Conduct studies and research for the purpose of rationalization of consumption and investment alternative to him.

11. Creating a national base and highly efficient research in the field of oil and fuel and energy.

12. The establishment of specialized courses in the field of renewable energy and fuel.

13. Studies the technical and economic feasibility of the proposed projects .

14. Contribute to the scientific propose solutions to the issues and problems of energy and renewable energy through

     Research and scientific studies and applied .

15. The technical evaluation of projects working in the field of energy and fuel .

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