Scientific Production of the Center and Patent


  1. Dip Coating 



1-Actuor  :     servo motor        

2- drive mechanism :  lead  screw

3- speed  control : 3step variable speed

4- power input      : 230 v  ,  50 hz

5- pc connectivity  : serial povt  (rs 232)

6- stroke length max   : 150 mm

7- drawing speed min : 2m/sec

8- drawing speed max : 9000m/sec

9- program memory : 5 programs

10- max power consumption:460 watts

11-  dimension : 630 x 416mm

12-  heater & spin  and magnetic  drier 

The device is manufactured locally, through which the manufacture of thin films and solar cells depending on the
principle of paint diving, and this device is controlled electronically, which can control the speed of diving
and diving period in addition to the possibility of coating eight layers at a time.  Other devices can be added
as accessories for the main device (electric oven, rotary drying, magnetic mixing, computer control).


2   One KW wind Turbine

Specification of the device: 1kw wind power system equipped with energy storage batteries number 4×200Ah with
a system to convert electrical power from DC to AC 220 volts solar panels can be added and linked to the
system to become a hybrid system of renewable energies. Test method: This system converts wind energy and
solar energy into electrical energy that can be used directly after converting the DC-48V power to AC 220V
or storing energy in storage batteries so this system can supply us with electric power at all times And
when there is no sunlight or wind energy for a specified period.


New solar heater

The manufacture of a new solar heater suitable for Iraqi airspace and easy to carry and installation and can be
used for homes and military units.


4   A portable water purification system on a bicycle suitable for remote areas

A simple system depends on the mechanical movement in drawing water from rivers or wells and pumping it into the filter membranes and the stages of the liquidation shall be in four stages:

1 - remove the plankton and plankton by micro-cellulose filter.

2. Remove odors from water

3. Remove colors

 5 Water purification and filtration by nanotube filters

It is a small, lightweight, portable and easy-to-maintain system. The system operates on four sources of electrical energy and can be connected and
operated on a small saloon car to be used in areas where there is no drinking water or electricity in the national grid. It purifies the waters of
the marshes, rivers and wells, and gives water with percentages of the salts and minerals necessary for the human body and consists of several stages
for the purification and purification of water.



6 Nanomaterials of TiO2 & Sio2

Nanomaterials from Tio2 and Sio2 have been manufactured as materials that can be used to remove dust and carbohydrates
from solar panels and glass.


Portable Solar cell  

The use of portable and flexible solar panels, which are small in size as an electrical source for small electronic devices in addition to simple lighting
systems, can be collected and packaged very easily and can be used for civil and military applications.






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