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Energy Research Center and fuel was established in 2004 as a specialized unit at the University of Technology . Ranges from the Centre's work in scientific research and technological applications of solar energy through the development of production technology and modeling for the purpose of building systems offer. Planning Department provides advice and technical capabilities and service required for the center . Activities at the Center for Energy Research and fuel covering a range of technical applications in the field of solar PV , and applications of wind energy and hydropower, and applications of thermal energy and chemical energy applications .

1. On 20/11/2004 got the approval of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research to develop and Energy Research Center at the University of fuel technological under ministry Book / research and development department No. B T / 2488 in 20/11/2004 0
2. Commissioned Assistant Professor Dr. Issam Shaker Mahmoud functions of the Director of the Centre since its inception and issued the Ministerial Order No. 3912 on 03.20.2005 / legal department and administrative mandate formally
3. The form of the first Board of Directors under the command university m / c 138 in 02/20/2005

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