A delegation visit from our center to the State Company for Automotive Industry (S.C.A.I)

A delegation from the Energy and Renewable Energies Technology Center headed by Assistant Professor Dr. Qusay Abdul-Jabbar Jawad Director of the Center visited the State Company for Automotive Industry (S.C.A.I).

A meeting was held with Dr. Mudher Sadiq Sabaa the manager of the company on 17/3/2019.

This meeting resulted in the establishment of scientific cooperation for the purpose of investing a patent entitled:New Design and Implementation of Electromechanical Air Conditioning and Heating System Work by Renewable Energy and Semiconductors Materials (NTECAR) Invention patent issued by the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality / Ministry of Planning under No. 5479 on 5/9/2018 within the classification F25B21 / 02, Introduced by the assistant lecturer Waleed Khalid Hussain from our center and included within the projects funded by the company to serve the public interest and to raise the quality and improve the performance of the national product in the industry and assembly of cars.







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