Lecture by Assistant Lecturer Waleed K. Hussain at the University of Baghdad

A lecture has been held by Assistant Lecturer Waleed Khalid Hussain from Energy and Renewable Energies Technology Center/University of Technology/Baghdad titled: 

Study in China

 In the symposium on the motivation of students and associates and encourage them to complete their academic studies in Chinese universities, which was sponsored and supervised by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Scholarships and Cultural Relations, established at the University of Baghdad / College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, which was held on Saturday 16/3/2019 The symposium pointed out that the Chinese side provided Iraq with scholarships to Chinese universities. Iraqi students or staff can apply for grants after reviewing the scholarship mechanism and the terms and conditions of grants. The seminar was attended by a group of Iraqi students studying in Chinese universities and a number of professors and researchers.





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