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Dr. Dheya Najm lecturer in Energy and Renewable Energies at the University of Technology - Iraq published a scientific research in an international journal within Scopus index entitled:

 Investigation of flowability of the green sand mould by remote control of portable flowability sensor

 Journal details:

Archives of Materials Science and Engineering

International Scientific Journal published monthly by the World Academy of Materials and manufacturing engineering

ISSN: 1897-2764

Vol. 112

Issue 2

PP: 70-76


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Prof. Miqdam T. Chaichan, Assistant Professor Dr. Mohammed Ali F. from our center, Prof. Hayder A. Dhahad the Vice chancellor for scientific and postgraduate affairs of the University of Technology-Iraq, Dr. Alaa A. Jaber from Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Technology-Iraq and Professor T. Megaritis from Brunel University / London-UK, publish a scientific research in an international journal within Scopus / Clarivate index in ELSEVIER Publisher entitled:

Influence of fuel injection timing strategies on performance, combustion, emissions and particulate matter characteristics fueled with rapeseed methyl ester in modern diesel engine


Vol. 306

ISSN: 0016-2361, e ISSN: 1873-7153

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