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 A group of academic staff from our center were honored by the president of the University of Technology for publishing research in solid international journals within the 250th research initiative:


1) Prof. Dr. Ahmed A. Al-Amiery

2) Asst. Prof. Miqdam Tariq Chaichan

3) Lect. Slafa Ismael Ibrahim

4) Lect. Eiman Ali-Eh. Sheet








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Dr. Mohamed Ali Fayad got on uniqueness shield of diction due to give presentation of his research entitled

Analysis the microstructurehe  of soot primary particles emitted from biodiesel fuel in a compression ignition diesel engines

in the 6th scientific conference, which was established by the Nanotechnology Research and Advanced Materials Center for the period from

2-3/5/2018 at the University of Technology / Baghdad

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