Dr. Mohammed Ali from our center has published a scientific article in an international journal within Scopus database

Dr. Mohammed A. Fayad from Energy and Renewable Energies Technology Center at university of Technology/Baghdad has published a scientific article that entitled

“Influence of alternative fuels on combustion and characteristics of particulate matter morphology in a compression ignition diesel engine”

The article was published in Elsevier-Journal of Renewable Energy (Scopus), Vol. 149 / April 2020 with IF = 6.274

ISSN : 0960-1481

Summary about the research:

The improvement of combustion and harmful emissions reduction has been driven by multiple factors; alternative fuels can be one of the important factors. In this study, Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) and Ethanol- RME-Diesel blend are used as an alternative fuels in a single cylinder diesel engine. The impact of alternative fuel on particulate matter (PM) characteristics and gaseous emissions were studied.








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