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Louay Abd Al-Azez Mahdi

Energy and Renewable Energies Technology Center

Assistant professor

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Asst. Prof. Louay Abd Al-Azez Mahdi received his Ph.D. (2012) in Mechanical Engineering from University of Technology- Iraq. He graduated from University of Technology - Iraq in 1989 and 1984 for his bachelor and master degrees. Currently, he is a faculty member in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Technology- Iraq.


PhD, Mechanical Engineering, University of Technology- Iraq, 2012.

MSc, Mechanical Engineering, University of Technology- Iraq, 1989.

BSc, Mechanical Engineering, University of Technology- Iraq, 1984.

Thermal system analysis
Air conditioning
heat transfer
exergy system analysis
entropy generation analysis and minimization

Louay Abd Al-Azez Mahdi, Emad Esmaael Habib , Laith Abd Almunam, “Prediction of Performance Equations for Household Compressors Depending on Manufacturing Data for Refrigerators and Freezer ”, Al-Khwarizmi Engineering Journal, Vol. 11, No. 4, P.P. 89-106 (2016)

Louay Abd Al-Azez Mahdi,” Entropy Generation Minimization Theoretical Analysis for External Flow Around Horizontal Cylinder at low Reynold Number” Engineering and Technology Journal, under publish

Louay Abd Al-Azez Mahdi, Wahid S. Mohammad, Exergy Analysis of a Domestic Refrigerator” Engineering Journal Baghdad University, under publish

Equipment Technology for refrigeration and air conditioning(components). November 2020, Publisher: scholar's Press

Sabah Tarik Ahmad, Wahid S. Mohammad, Louay Abd Al-Azez Mahdi, “Exergy Analysis and Thermodynamic Model for Reciprocating and Scroll Compressors Used in an Air Conditioning Packaged Unit” Journal of Engineering and Development, Vol. 18, No.5, September 2014, ISSN 1813- 7822

Ghazi M. Kamil, M., Sabah Kassim, M., & Abd Al-Azez Mahdi, L. (2020). Predicting of Steam Condensation Heat Transfer Coefficient in Horizontal Flattened Tube. Journal of Engineering and Sustainable Development, 24(06), 115–126.

Mahdi, L. A. A.-A., & Lateif, A. Y. (2019). Prediction of Heat Transfer Coefficient and Pressure Drop in Wire Heat Exchanger Working with R-134a and R-600a. Journal of Engineering, 25(11), 1–20.

For MSc Level: Advanced A/C systems and equipment

For BSc Level: Level 4: Equipment Technology 2,3 for refrigeration and air conditioning system Level 3: Refrigeration

Many certificates of appreciation from the Minister of Higher Education and the President of the University of Technology.

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