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Slafa Ismael Ibrahim

Energy and Renewable Energies Technology Center

Assistant Professor

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She has graduated from the Chemical Department/ University of Baghdad in 1980. In 1985, she awarded the M. Sc. in Organic Chemistry from the Science College /Chemical Department/ University of Baghdad. She worked as: - Researcher in Directorate of curricula and books- chemistry department /Ministry of Education (1985-1995) - Chief chemist in Military Industrialization Corporation (1995-2000). - Chief of electrochemical department, Ibn-Sena Company, Ministry of Industry (2000-2004). - Deputy Director, Directorate of electrochemical department, Ibn-Sena Company, Ministry of Industry (2004-2005). - Teaching students of second class of chemical department, Ibn Al-Haytham College (1986). - Director of fuel department in Energy & Fuel Research Center, University of Technology (2007-2008). - Director of Wind &Water Energy department /Energy and Renewable Energies Technology Center, University of Technology (2017-till now). - She awarded a scientific promotion from Assistant Lecturer to Lecturer in 2012 and to Asst. Prof. in 2016.

M.Sc., Organic Chemistry, Baghdad University, Iraq, 1985.

B.Sc., Chemistry, Baghdad University, Iraq, 1980.

Organic chemistry
Renewable Energies

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Organic Chemistry


Metallurgy chemistry

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