Our center held a scientific symposium

Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Hassan Al-Ghaban president of the University of Technology (Iraq), Energy and Renewable Energies Technology Center held a scientific symposium on Wednesday 8th of January 2020 in the conference hall of Control and System Engineering Department titled:

 Renewable Energies in the service of society

 At the beginning of the symposium, the president of the university of technology gave a speech explain the impact and importance of renewable energies and emphasized the importance of converting the theoretical research into practical services the university and society, next the Director of the Center gave a speech that he started by thanking and gratefulness to the President of the University for the support that he had to the center and the researchers after that he highlighted the center first position in research at the university day.

Next, the lectures of the symposium begins and after that lecturer Eman Ali Ehsan Sheet was honored for her retirement and for her distinguished efforts during her scientific careers in the service of the university and the center.

The symposium was attended by the University president deputy for administration affairs, heads of departments and a huge number of lecturers and employees of the university.



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