Asst. Lect. Waleed K. Hussain involved in the 2nd conference and affair for patents in Karbala governorate

By the invitation directed from Iraqi inventors on 11 March 2019, assistant lecturer Waleed K. Hussain from our center involved in the works of the 2nd conference and affairs for inventions which took place in Karbala governorate titled:

Karbala is a station for science and Scientists

For the period 20-22/3/2019 under sponsorship of the holly Abbass sill, in this scientific meeting a patent presented by Mr. Waleed K. titled:

New Design and Implementation of Electromechanical Air Conditioning and Heating System Working by Renewable energy and Semiconductors Materials (NTECAR)

Which is registered in Central Organization for Standardization and Quality/Ministry of Planning under No. 5479 on 5th of September 2018 within the classification F25B21/02.

In addition to a project of generating electric power from human temperature which get the blessing of Shaikh Ahmed Al-Safi the sponsor of the holly Abbass sill.

Assistant Lecturer Waleed K. Hussain honored by the holly Abbass sill medal and a certificate of the assessment in addition to a thankful publication. Many scientific cultural activities took place during the conference which contributes in raising the level of future patents and encouraging the inventors on keeping work.







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