President of the University of Technology held a meeting with our center staff

 Prof. Dr. Amin D. Thamir president of the University of Technology held a meeting with Energy and Renewable Energies Technology Center staff on Sunday 17/3/2019, the meeting involves the following issues:

1) Encouraging the use of renewable energies.

2) Raising the international classification of the University by increasing the Center's activity and publishing more researches in the world's most sober journals.

3) More corporations with departments and ministries of the State.

4) Twinning with other internal and external research centers.

5) Optimal use of human and material resources.

6) E-governance.

7) Any problems facing Center's work and finding the ways to solving it.

The Director of the Center gave a brief about the achievements and activities of the Center and the published research and patent of invention, which was completed by the staff. 




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