Assistant lecturer Waleed Khalid from our center awarded a gold medal from American university of IRAQ/Sulaimani

Assistant lecturer Waleed Khalid Hussain from Energy and Renewable Energies Technology center/University of Technology-Baghdad participated in the 10th International Conference on Patents and Industrial Designs sponsored by the American University of IRAQ / Sulaimani for the period from 6 to 7 February 2019 in Sulaimania city. He was awarded the first prize and gold medal in the Engineering field through patented invention titled: 

New Design and Implementation of Electromechanical Air Conditioning and Heating System Work by Renewable Energy and Semiconductors Materials (NTECAR)

Where the competition was very intense through the participation of more than 350 patents were nominated 100 patents only to compete in the events of the exhibition and then choose the best 50 patents in various fields.

The exhibition also included many cultural and scientific activities, seminars and scientific lectures, as well as a set of words and proposals that contribute to the development of the scientific process.

Note that the invention patent issued by the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality / Ministry of Planning under No. 5479 on 5/9/2018 within the classification F25B21 / 02

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