Assistant Prof. Salman H. Omran from our center participated in a scientific forum

The lecturer (Assistant Professor Salman Hussain Omran) from Energy and Renewable Energies Technology Center, University of Technology-Iraq, is participated in the International Scientific Forum for Advanced Materials and Nanomaterials, which was organized by the Rehabilitation and Development Academy of the International Friendship Organization with cooperation with the Iraqi Engineers Association- Diyala Branch - With a working paper entitled:

“Effect of adding SIC and TIO2 Nanoparticles to AA6051 by Stir Casting Technique on the Mechanical Properties of Composites”

The International Scientific Forum was organized by the College of Engineering - University of Diyala for two days with period 15-16/2/2022. At the end of the Scientific Forum, certificates were distributed to the attendance and participants in the forum by the committee supervising the forum.






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