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Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Amiery from our center publishes a research in a journal within Scopus/Clarivate index

Professor Dr. Ahmed A. Al-Amiery lecturer in Energy and Renewable Energies Technology Center-University of Technology-Iraq in cooperation with a group of researchers from University of Technology - Iraq, University of Kufa Al-Najaf - Iraq, and Gaziantep University - Turkey, published a scientific research in an international journal within Scopus-Clarivate index in ELSEVIER Publisher entitled:

Synthesis, anti-inflammatory effects, molecular docking and molecular dynamics studies of 4-hydroxy coumarin derivatives as inhibitors of COX-II enzyme

Journal details:

Journal of Molecular Structure

journal homepage:

Vol.  1247

ISSN: 0022-2860

e ISSN:1872-8014

Publisher ELSEVIER

 Authors name:

Dunya AL-Duhaidahawi

Haider F.S. AL-Zubaidy

Khattab Al-Khafaji

Ahmed Al-Amiery