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President of the University of Technology (Iraq) Give an appreciation letter to Dr. Mohammed A. Fayad

The Assistant Professor Dr. Mohammed A. Fayad from Energy and Renewable Energies Technology Center at the University of Technology-Iraq, got acknowledgment and appreciation letter from the president of the University of Technology (Iraq) Prof. Dr. Ahmed M. H. Al-Ghaban for his effort for publishing two scientific articles within Scopus index.

First article entitled:

The effect of first generation biofuel on emission characteristics under variable conditions of engine speeds and loads in diesel engine

Second article entitled:

Engine performance and PM concentrations from the combustion of Iraqi sunflower oil biodiesel under variable diesel engine operating conditions

Journal name: Journal of Physics: Conference Series

Vol. 1973, (2021)

Publisher: IOP Publishing

Impact factor: 0.7

ISSN: 1742-6588

Appreciation letter number: 669

Date: 24/10/2021