Dr. Mohammed A. from our center publishes a research in a journal within Scopus index

Assistant Professor Dr. Mohammed Ali Fayad, in cooperation with Professor Miqdam Tariq Chaichan Director of the Energy and Renewable Energies Technology Center at the University of Technology - Iraq, and Professor Dr. Hayder A. Dhahad the Vice chancellor for scientific and postgraduate affairs of the University of Technology-Iraq, published a scientific research in an international journal within Scopus index during the Third International Scientific Conference for Engineering Sciences and Advanced Technology, which was held by the University of Babylon - College of Materials Engineering - Iraq on 4-5 June 2021 entitled:

Engine performance and PM concentrations from the combustion of Iraqi sunflower oil biodiesel under variable diesel engine operating conditions


Journal of Physics: Conference Series

3rd International Scientific Conference of Engineering Sciences and Advances Technologies (IICESAT)

IOP Publishing

Vol. 1973

Conf. Ser. 1973 012051


Print ISSN: 1742-6588, Online ISSN: 1742-6596



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