Assistant Prof. Dr. Sana A. Hafez from our center published a scientific research in an international journal

Asst. Prof. Dr. Sana Abdul Hadi Hafez is a lecturer at the Energy and Renewable Energies technology Center at the University of Technology-Iraq. In cooperation with a group of researchers and lecturers, she has published a scientific research in a scientific international journal within Scopus index entitled:

“Effect of adding sawdust to cement on its thermal conductivity and compressive strength”

In journal:

IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and EngineeringVolume 10941st International Conference on Sustainable Engineering and Technology (INTCSET 2020) 15th-16th December 2020, Baghdad, Iraq


1094 (2021) 012047

Work team names:

  1. Sana Abdul Hadi Hafez / Energy and Renewable Energies Technology Center / University of Technology / Iraq
  2. Thamer Adnan Abdullah / Applied Science Department / University of Technology / Iraq
  3. Fanar Ghanem Hashem / Applied Science Department / University of Technology / Iraq
  4. Bashar Kamel Mahmoud / Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Iraq 










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