Dr. Salam W. Shneen from our center, publish a scientific research in an international journal within Scopus database


Lecturer Dr. Salam Waley Shneen from Energy and Renewable Energies Technology Center-University of Technology / Iraq, published a scientific paper entitled:

Fuzzy type 1 PID controllers design for TCP/AQM wireless

Published in journal:

Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Scopus.

 Journal and research details:

Vol. 21

No. 1


ISSN: 2502-4752

E-ISSN: 2502-4760



Januar 2021

CiteScore 2019: 1.63

SJR 2019: 0.21


Names of the researchers participating in the research:

1) Manal Kadhim Oudah

2) Mohammed Qasim Sulttan

3) Salam Waley Shneen

 About the research:

This modest research presents one of the traditional PID controller methods with fuzzy logic so that wireless networks and congestion can be controlled by various configurations. The proposed methods were simulated with the required comparisons in the adoption of nonlinear systems to determine the best performance and it was found that the use of the Fuzzy logic control can achieve the best performance (reducing the delay time of delivering packets and packets loss). The simulation of the current work shows through its results the possibility of controlling the behavior of the system and through testing the balance when changed with time delay through the impact of communication time and its relationship with the stability of the work of the system.










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