Prof. Miqdam Tariq Chaichan director of our center has published a scientific article in an international journal within Scopus database

Prof. Miqdam Tariq Chaichan director of Energy and Renewable Energies Technology Center at university of Technology/Baghdad has published a scientific article that entitled

Evaluation of aging and performance of grid-connected photovoltaic system northern Oman: seven years’ experimental study”

The article was published in Elsevier-Journal of Solar Energy (Scopus) and (Web of Science), Vol. 207 / 1 September 2020 with IF = 4.608

Summary about the research:

In this paper, performance evaluation of the grid-connected PV system is presented — the system installed in Sohar University northern Oman. The GCPV system secondly data collected from October 2012 till September 2019 (seven years). However, data is bulky, so that converted to minutes’ average. The measured data used to evaluate the performance technically taken into consideration system aging. Furthermore, power, energy, yield, and efficiencies calculated. The results showed that the use of GCPV systems in the Sohar region is very successful in terms of the limited aging of the system and its long-term viability with appropriate efficiency.










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