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National Conference on renewable energies and their applications 2013

Under the slogan

(Renewable energies support development and reconstruction in Iraq)

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The National Conference on Renewable Energies and its Applications 6/3/2013


Under the slogan

(Renewable energies support development and reconstruction in Iraq)

 "National Conference on Renewable Energies and their Applications" Organized by the University of Technology in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Dr. Hussein Ibrahim Al-Shahristani and Member of the Iraqi Parliament Mr. Ali Al-Alaq and the President of the University of Technology Professor Dr. Amin Dway Thamer and the heads of departments and directors of the centers and university teaching, which was held on the university stage for the period 6-7 / 3 / 2013 with the participation of researchers from Germany, America and Iraqi universities.The conference started by playing the national anthem and then reciting any of the wise quran to the reader Ali al-Muhammadawi and reading al-Fatihah in honor of the martyrs of Iraq and the educational process. Dr. Hussein Ibrahim al-Shahristani delivered a speech on the occasion, saying: It is not secret to the Iraqis the importance of energy because they suffer from lack of electricity in spite of the state has placed in the top priorities exceeded this shortage in the construction of new stations and already contracted to build new power plants with a total production of 22 thousand megawatts. "He added: Renewable energy must occupy an important part of our attention because Iraq has a unique geographical area in the world. We have started constructing 10 solar stations and five wind stations in various remote areas of Iraq and in the border and desert areas far from the national electric grid. Its total capacity is 55 megawatts.Al-Shahristani said that the presence of a center for renewable energies and the interest of the university of professors and students and the availability of research is very important for the rehabilitation and development of this important sector of energy efficiency in Iraq and in our relationship with other countries we have a cooperation agreement with the European Union and the content of this agreement is the establishment of a European- Baghdad is one of the largest centers of renewable energies in the Middle East using the best expertise, professors and European equipment involved in the establishment of this center, so the University of Technology is appreciated and was a pioneer in these areas and the preparation for the transfer of Iraq a qualitative leap in this Important area."We are always looking for new sources of energy to meet our needs in the applications of the advanced life we ​​live in," said University President Prof. Amin Douai. "In modern times, human beings are aware of the possibility of benefiting from the heat of the sun, which is characterized by renewable energy, This energy has become a national income for some countries, so that in the Gulf countries, which are one of the world's richest oil, solar energy is used mainly and effectively. He added that success in the use of solar energy depends on several factors, including geographical location The quality of the product, the technology used in the manufacture of the product, the quality and efficiency of the components used, the method of installation, operation, maintenance service and follow-up. He pointed out that the University of Technology boasts a center specialized in advanced renewable energy technologies, providing distinguished services that we proudly and proudly put in your hands to serve our dear country towards a bright society and a clean environment. Dr. Ali Hadi Al-Hamdani, Director of the Center for Energy Technology and Renewable Energies at the University, said: "The idea of ​​the conference is based on the role of higher education in bringing about comprehensive development in continuation of scientific and research efforts led by the University of Technology.He added that the number of researches accepted at the conference was 27, including 10 from the center and 17 from outside universities, ministries of industry, minerals, science, technology and electricity.The aim of the conference is to use renewable energy in the service and development of society as well as to further deepen the understanding of the energies of the city and rationalize consumption and access to a clean environment. The topics of the conference included solar photovoltaic technology, solar thermal technology, wind energy technology, energy economics and its impact on the environment and bioenergy. 

Sessions of the Conference

 The first two sessions were held by Dr. Adel Hamid Ahmed, head of the electrical engineering department at the University of Technology, and the head of physiologists, Ahmed Mohammed Saleh, from the Department of Planning and Studies in the Ministry of Electricity. The first three lectures included Dr. Nasser Al-Bassam and Dr. Ali Al-Qara Ghuli, researchers from Germany and America And the third by Dr. Hussein Kazem Al-Waeli.The President of the University of Technology presented the shield of the conference to Deputy Prime Minister Hussein al-Shahristani, Nasser Al-Bassam from Germany and d. Ali Al-Qara Ghuli of America and General Manager of the General Company for Battery Industry in the Ministry of Industry and Minerals Salam Said Ahmed and Director General of the Department of Renewable Energies at the Ministry of Science and Technology Diaa Jalil Hussein.  

The second day 

The second day included the first two sessions at the University Theater, headed by Professor Zia Jalil Hussein, Director General of Renewable Energies at the Ministry of Science and Technology and its Rapporteur, Mr. Majed Hassan Ali from the Energy and Environment Research Center in the Industrial Research and Development Department, Ministry of Industry and Minerals. Qura Guli as well as ten research.The other session was held in the hall of the Department of Engineering Control and Systems and chaired by Dr. Mohsen Jabr Jawid Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nahrain and Rapporteur d. Ziauddin Alwan from the Technical College in Baghdad included 17 papers.


 Dr. Ali Hadi, Director of the Center for Energy Technology and Renewable Energies, read the recommendations of the conference participants:

1. Consolidate the efforts of ministries, companies and research centers of common interest in energy projects and renewable energies, and that the university and its researchers be participants and supervisors of all research and projects of the State in the field of renewable energies.

2. Encouraging the transfer and resettlement of technology and linking the Center with the global and Arab centers.

3. The introduction of sources of renewable energies and projects within the State's future plan to produce energy and rationalize consumption.

4. Adopting some forms of support for renewable energy products and subsidizing prices to encourage their use and dissemination of their culture.

5. Establishment of assessment, classification and testing centers whose equipment and equipment are sufficient to provide and provide global reliability to provide specialized equipment and laboratories for research centers.

6. Establish information, training and development programs and increase the share of research centers in the R & D training program.

7. Adopting a separate budget for research grants within the annual budget of the University.

8. Fairness of research centers through the application of existing laws, including scientific promotions, teaching hours required and financial allocation, etc., which made the research centers repulsive and not attractive to distinguished researchers.

At the end of the conference, the conference's shields were distributed to the university president, scientific and administrative assistants, researchers and the organizing committee.


Speech of Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Dr. Hussein Ibrahim Al Shahristani


Speech of the President of the University of Technology Prof. Dr. Amin Douai Thamer

Speech of Dr. Ali Hadi Al-Hamdani Director of the Center for Energy Technology and Renewable Energies

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