Preparing a specialized conference management program

The Department of Internet and Informatics is preparing a specialized program for the management of scientific conferences for the purpose of managing the National Conference on Renewable Energies and its applications. The program was under the direct supervision of Dr. Ali Hadi Abdel Moneim (Director of the Center) and Dr. Qusay Abdul Jabbar Jawad and it was implemented by Engineer Walid Khalid Hussein. 

This program is characterized by many features, including

 1. Easy follow-up of the work of the Conference.

2. Provides detailed information on each research in the conference.

3. Follow-up of the residents to whom the research was sent.

4 - High flexibility of the program with ease of modification and change it.

5. It alerts the user if there is a data entry error.

6 - Print the form of acceptance or refusal to search automatically.

7 - the possibility of storing the texts of research on it.

8. Automatically insert the number and date of each book.

9. Compatible with Microsoft Office software in all versions.

10. Ease and speed of data and information input.

11 - Storage of contacts for residents and researchers and easy to contact them in the event of availability of Internet service.

12. Provides a series of detailed and concise reports and statistics at high speed.

The program interface

Sample Accept Posting

  Technology Incubators          Technological incubator projects            Renewable Energies Proceedings        Research Plans         ERETC Journal        Sustainable Development


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