Energy and renewable Energies Technology Center participates in a seminar on technological incubator 2013

At the invitation of the Department of Research and Development / Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Director of
the Center, Dr. Ali Hadi Abdel Moneim, participated in the symposium held under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Higher
Education and Scientific Research. Ali Mohammed Al-Hussein, the respected writer and in the presence of a number of assistants to
university presidents and general managers and those interested in technological incubators and their impact on building the knowledge economy.
The course included specialized lectures and interventions by specialists who enriched the symposium with different opinions that serve the
public interest. Note that the University of Technology interested earlier in the incubators, where a committee was formed specialized
incubators technology in addition to holding multiple meetings in this area in view of the importance of the formation of technological
incubators at the university.

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