Technological incubator projects

Projects of Technological incubators

According to the recommendation of the president of university of technology Prof. Dr. Ameen Dawaie Thamer that the university must be a productive university which will contribute effectively in the national development by activating the technology of incubators, our center was the first to execute this technology by manufacturing prototype models from the following:-

  1. Redesigning and manufacturing the laboratory equipments imported from foreign countries with less coast.

  2. Cleaning and filtration water using Nano-Filters which works by three sources of electricity and can be connected and handled on a small vehicle to use it in lands where there is no clean water to drink or national electricity. 

  3. Portable Nano-Filteration system fixed on a bicycle for the faraway lands from cities.

    Incubators technology working teams


    First Team

    1. Prof. Dr. Ameen Dawaie Thamer (Team Leader)

    2. Asst. Prof. Ali H. Al-Hamdani (Member)

    3. Asst. Eng. Waled Khalid Husain (Member)

    4. Asst. Eng. Maytham Tariq Mahdi (Member)


    Second Team

    1. Asst. Prof. Ali H. Al-Hamdani (Team Leader)

    2. Lect. Raed Salih Jawad (Member)

    3. Asst. Eng. Waled Khalid Husain (Member)

    4. Chief Eng. Mahdi Sarhan Ebada (Member)



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