Technology Incubators

Technology Incubators

Implementing to president of university of technology recommendations about the university should be a productive university which will contribute effectively in the national development by activating the incubator technology, our center to be the first to implement the incubator technology project.

and from this position the center announce the adoption to to this technology projects, following is a short brief of incubator technology.

Technology Definition

 The technology term is derived from Latin language, it is from two parts TECHNO which means art and LOGIA means studying, so technologia is the science which is interested in thinking operation which aims the schedule application to the research and theories and employing humans in a particular field to solve his problems and design  a suitable scientific solutions to it, developing it.

This can be done by 3 operations:

  1. Inputs

  2. Processing

  3. Outputs 

Technology production  means

 Studying and working on applying most of manufacturing procedures, and operating to have a certain product these procedures could be manual or mechanical or half automatic or full automatic.

 So the incubator is a complete working system makes all the available methods from a suitable place have all the required facilities to begin the project and the connection and communication net in the industrial and business society, this system is directed by a specialized management which maintain the required support to increase the successing rates of the project and solving the problems which make them failed

 And since the eighties of the last century where the real starting of the incubator technology in the USA these incubator never stops developing until these days because a standing industry by itself and some call it incubator industries.

 The incubators create a mental pictures to young business men where the efficiency and procedures which is done by incubator management is a crucial factor in developing the new projects in such a manner that some experts in USA call it " Preparing Companies Institute"

Incubator specifications

 Practically the nature of the rented positions to the business incubator projects is different from the other positions which dedicated to the fusion of projects and business like industrial facility in the following points:

  1. Availability of incubator zones and different areas supplied to build dedicated project or non-dedicated project (Information Technology, etc....).

  2. Availability of incubator specific software to the new projects support financially by sponsor or government supporting projects.

  3. Availability of all kind of support, technical, marketing, directional etc...

  4. These incubators must be directed by central management specified in directing small, medium projects.

  5. The incubator, deputies, consultants must follow and evaluate the allied projects continuously. 

  6. The projects is selected according to personal, technical criteria, and by a scientific procedure depending "Feasibility Study" and a project plan.

  7. The incubator have a common characteristic is that they are connected to a scientific enterprise and research centers.

  8. Some incubators must make the instruments and special equipments for compute availability.  

 The incubator technology is a complete working system contains a place applied according to the nature of technology sector to the projects that will be taken care by the incubator

  A complete package of services and technical management financial, marketing support to the new technical project. These incubator is build inside or by cooperation with universities and research centers and technology to use the workshops and factories and researchers.

 The incubator technology have a common facility that is connected to a scientific enterprises which are different by sort, technical capability, some incubators are located in side these centers that is a part of it using research programs and development where some incubators help some scientific facilities specially the government ones in attracting the local investment by showing and marketing their researchers and most important applications.

 Finally we must say that integration and connection between the technological incubator and the scientific enterprise cooperated with or hosting it must be in the text technical and marketing cooperation.

Example of a successful incubator technology

 Incubators inside universities: one example between the universities and business world is UBC incubator where its location is in university of British Colombia where the university made the financial support for all special activities for managing and marketing the new researchers in industry.

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