Delegation from our center to college of science / University of Kerbala

A delegation from our center participated in the sixth scientific conference for the College of Science/University of Kerbala which was held under title

“Renewable Energy Applications”

For the period of 21-22 February 2018. The participation of our center was unique and it has great base in the success of the conference through the scientific discussions and presentation of the applied scientific researches, projects and patents that they have been presented in the exhibition held in the conference.

  1. The following researches have been presented:
  2. Design and implementation a new air-conditioning system working by sim-conductors and renewable energy.
  3. Design and implementation 10 kW power electric transformer.
  4. Solar Power Generation System with capacity of 10 kW.
  5. Reactor for biofuel preparation.
  6. The following entitled patents have been displayed
  7. Novel and design un-economic cooker for cooking and hot water production.
  8. Novel mobile technique for high purity water production utilizing of nanotechnology with multi power resources.

iii. The following entitled projects have been displayed

  1. The inhibition of bio-methane generation from co-fermentation organic substrate with salt content: a review.
  2. Energy generation panel from cooling and heating sources.




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