Researches published inside Iraq for the year 2012-2013


Researches published inside Iraq for the year 2012-2013
No Research Name Researchers Notice
1 Experimental study of the performance of fluorescent concentrator Dr. Ali Hadi  
Dr. Saad Tami
Dr. Husain Ali  
Fatin Shakori  
4 Improving the efficiency of the poly crystaliling silicon  cell using linear focus Fresnel lens Dr. Ali Hadi  
Fatin Shakori


5 Environments effect on the remote image formed by thermal camera    
Dr. Ali Hadi
Fatin Shakori
6 Study the effect of aperture shape on image of point source    
Dr. Ali Hadi
7 Comparing Between Air and Water Cooling on the Performance and Efficiency of Solar Cells. Dr. Ali Hadi  
Dr. Kareem Kadhim  
Dr. Mahdi Ali  
8 “The compration analysis of fixed pitch angle  wind turbine that of a double output induction generator

Dr. Abbass Zagier

Roshen Tariq

9 .Design and implementation of advanced control of PWM inverter using Matlab/Simulink. Dr. Kareem Kadhim  
10 Development of a tracking system for a multistage parabolic solar concentration.
Dr. Kareem Kadhim
11 Matlab simulation of wind turbine integrated into power supply networks Dr. Kareem Kadhim  
12 optimum areas investment  of wind energy in Iraq Dr. Kareem Kadhim  
13 Effect of environmental conditions on silicon solar cells Dr. Kareem Kadhim  
Mahdi Sarhan  
14 A study and Implementation of a controller used in a full-bridge inverter of distributed generation systems Dr. Kareem Kadhim  
15 Evaluation of Inhibitor Blend Efficiency in Recirculation Cooling Water of Al-Doura Refinery.

Shatha Ahmed

Eman A. Ihasn Sheet

16 A study of the spectral properties of Rhodamine  (6G& B)dyes mixture dissolved in chloroform Slafa Ismaeel  
17 Optical spectral study of Rhodamine dyes mixture solution in chloroform.

Slafa Ismaeel

Majed H. Abdul-Majed

18 An analytical study to reduce the effect of dust  on the  performance of solar panels using water syste

Dr. Kareem Khadim

Mahdi Sarhan  
19 An  invest mental  study of solar energy for water cooler operation Dr. Kareem Kadhim  
Dr. Abbass Zagier
Mahdi Saarhan
20 Simulation & Development of an Efficient Solar Heating Systems used for Domestic Purpose Dr. Kareem Kadhim  
Dr. Qusay Abdul-Jabar  
21 Effect of gamma irradiation on the bulk etch rates of lexan poly carbonate solid state nuclear track detector. Leqa Abdul-Amir  
22 Influence of gamma radiation at low dose on some of mechanical properties of (HIPE/HIPS) blends.

Leqa Abdul-Amir

Eng. Bushar

23 Study of the influence of surface roughness, Sample heat and Sample shape on Wear rate measurements. Dr. Abdul-Hadi Khadim  
Najim Khadim
24 Effects of Biodiesel Fuel upon the Exhaust Emission and the Performance of Compression Ignition Engine Eman A. Ihsan  
Ayad M. Salamn
25 Reduce the emissions emitted of gasoline engine by using the magnetic field Dr. Qusay Abdul-Jabar  
Roshen Tariq  
Hayder Sharef  
26 Numerical investigation of the effect of inclination angle on the natural convection in rectangular encludesure Dr. Qusay Abdul-Jabar  
27 Temperature distribution through asphalt pavement in trobical zone Dr. Qusay Abdul-Jabar  
Haki Ismail
28 Experiment study of the effect of reflection mirrors orientation on the performance of solar cell Dr. Abbass Zagier  
Dr. Saad Tami
29 دارة تأثير تغيير درجة التكاثف على ظاهرة التبلور وأداء منظومات التبريد الامتصاصية العاملة بالطاقة الشمسية Dr. Qusay Abdul-Jabar  
Dr. Raheeq Ismael
30 Modling&Design of F late Solar COLLECTOR FOR Using Different Physical and Geometrical Condtion Dr. Qusay Abdul-Jabar  
Dhya Najim
31 Study the parameters effect on the design of solar energy system for impressed current cathodic protection for oil pipeline Dhya Najim  
Dr. Qusay Abdul-Jabar
Ahmed A. Hashoosh    
32 Fabrication of ceramic metal functionally graded materials Ala A. Ateya  
Dr. Saad B. Hasoon
Dhya Najim
33 دراسة وتحليل للجدوى العلمية والاقتصادية باستخدام الطاقة النظيفة بديلا عن مصادر الطاقة التقليدية  Wafa M. Azez  
Waleed K. Husain


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