Asst. Lect. Waleed Khalid Hussain from our center participate the scientific symposium that
12 March 2019
  The director of the center Asst. Prof. Dr. Qusay Abdul-Jabbar Jawad held a meeting with the
11 March 2019
Assistant lecturer Waleed Khalid Hussain from Energy and Renewable Energies Technology
07 March 2019
Asst. lecturer Waleed Kahlid Hussain from our center granted a patent from Central Organization for
21 November 2018
 Energy and Renewable Energies Technology Center won the Award of the Science Day and a certificate
16 September 2018
Dr. Salam Waley Shneen from our center has published a scientific research that entitled “Advance
16 September 2018
 Dr. Moafaq kaseim from our center has gotten acknowledgments letter from the Iraqi Society of
12 September 2018
  Dr. Mohamed Ali Fayad got on uniqueness shield of diction due to give presentation of his
20 June 2018
 A group of academic staff from our center were honored by the president of the University of
20 June 2018
A delegation from our center participated in the sixth scientific conference for the College of
04 March 2018

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